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HOW TO: integrate application with Licence Master

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Integrating an application with Licence Master is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes. Licence Master provides an easy-to-use Client API that enables applications to validate an installed licence, send email warnings and notifications to licensees, determine which features of an application are licenced, and more.

To integrate an application with Licence Master, you only need to complete the five basic steps below:

  1. Provide a facility to save and retrieve a licence key for the installation (for example in the application database)
  2. Copy Dotcom.Modules.LicenceMaster.Client.dll to your application bin directory
  3. Create a reference to it in your application development project
  4. Add a Guid attribute to your application assembly
  5. Add two ServiceUrl attributes to your application assembly.

Your application can then call the Licence Master API, and can decide on the basis of the status information that it receives, exactly what action to take when a licence has expired, has not been installed, or is invalid for other reasons.

You can download a sample Visual Studio project for a DotNetNuke module that is integrated with Licence Master at our downloads page.

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