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HOW TO: install Licence Master

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Licence Master is installed just like any other DotNetNuke module package:

  1. Log on as a super-user (host user)
  2. Navigate to Host -> Module Definitions
  3. Make sure page is in Edit mode
  4. Click on Install Module link
  5. Follow the installation wizard

Once you have successfully installed the package, add Licence Master to a page in your site. Follow the steps below:

  1. Add a new page to your site. This will contain Licence Master's administration control panel, so you should restrict access to members of the Administrator role only.
  2. Navigate to the new page
  3. Ensure that the page is in Edit mode
  4. From the modules list, select Licence Master
  5. Select the panel where you want the module displayed
  6. Click Add module

Before you can do anything with Licence Master, you need to define at least one client application. When you add it to the page, Licence Master will prompt you to do so.

  1. Click on the Add Application button
  2. Enter the application details, and click Update
  3. If you defined a Feature Licensed application, click Cancel
  4. Click Return to go back to the main module display

Licence Master contains three components, and you will now see these displayed on the page. The first and second modules are for product registration and verification respectively. You will normally want to display these on separate pages, so that you can control access to them in an appropriate way. To achieve this, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new page for the Licence Registration module. Grant view access to all users
  2. Create a new page for the Licence Verification module. Grant view access to all registered users
  3. Navigate to the Licence Master Administration page
  4. Open the settings page for the Licence Master Registration and Verification modules in turn. Use the Advanced Page Settings to move each module to its respective page

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