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HOW TO: Provide navigation to content pages

You have created a new page in the Content Manager, but how do you link it to the site so that the visitor is aware of its presence and can navigate to it with just a click?

There are various choices. Either create an item in the main navigation menu that leads to the page, create a link to it in another content page, or create a link somewhere in a master page, as appropriate.

Either way, you will need the URL of the content page. A content page URL consists of the URL of the Default.aspx page in the root of the site plus a query string that specifies the pages PageID (pid). The format is http://<host>/Default.aspx&pid=<page> (eg

You can find out the PageID for the content page in the Contents page of the site Back Office. It is listed in the content page table.

Once you have the URL, create the navigation link to the page. If you want to create an option in the navegation menu, edit the file web.sitemap in the site root and add an entry for the content page in an appropriate place. Remember that if your site is multilingual, you need to add translated entries in the resource files located at App_GlobalResources. See the Navigation FAQ for more details.