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HOW TO: Make changes to eTrader pages

eTrader gives you a high degree of freedom to integrate your website design with its functionality. However, you have to follow a few rules to avoid disrupting the proper working of the application.

Working with eTrader page elements
Do not:

    • delete ASP.NET controls (set the Visible attribute to False if you don't want them displayed)
    • change the value of the ID attribute
    • change the runat attribute
    • change the CausesValidation attribute
    • change any attributes with names starting "On..."
    • change any attributes with names starting "Data..."
    • change any content enclosed in <%...%> tags
    • change the value of a meta:resourcekey attribute
Other than that, you can move them around and change attribute values freely. However, proceed with caution and common-sense, and test frequently.

Changing ASP.NET Control Properties
ASP.NET controls have properties other than the ones above that may be changed to create different effects when redesigning a page.

For example, you may want the department tab strip to display photographic or other images rather than tab graphics and for it to run down the side of the page rather than across the top. This can be achieved by setting the department graphic images to appropriate URLs, changing the position of the DataList control in the main table and
by changing its RepeatDirection property to “Vertical”.

To access reference material about ASP.NET controls that describes control properties, visit the MSDN Library