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Flex Form Overview

Flex Form is a configurable and extensible contact form module for DotNetNuke. It's essential purpose is to capture information from web site visitors and to record it and or pass it to a site administrator.

However, unlike traditional contact forms, Flex Form provides a multi-step, wizard-like user interface, and allows you to configure any number of controls for each step.

As well as the fourteen essential form controls that are supplied with Flex Form, you can develop your own to provide the exact data capture UI that you need.

When the form is submitted, as well as saving the data and emailing it to an administator, Flex Form is capable of executing up to three custom actions, functionality that you can design and develop according to your needs. This extensibility allows Flex Form for example to:

  • call a web service
  • interact with other DNN modules via their APIs
  • pass data to an external database
  • integrate with Payment Gateways
  • etc.

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